New Year, New Start – I hope

I decided to start the New Year with reading a diet book because, like many of us out there, I am trying to lose weight. I admit I am on Weight Watchers – I didn’t lose any weight (net) in 2012 after losing 40 lbs in 2011  – it’s not Weight Watchers’ fault, I love to eat.

I decided, that as a way to reinvigorate my weight loss, I would look at some diet books and tips to motivate myself.

The first book I read yesterday was The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin by Stan Spencer. Dr. Spencer’s book isn’t a new diet; it doesn’t promote the latest “get thin by eating this food” gimmick. He addresses the theories of weight loss and gain and then gives practical hints for modifying your lifestyle to help you lose your extra weight. Several of his tips are accompanied by cards that you can post in your house or carry in your wallet as ever-present reminders of what you are striving to achieve. He includes a list of 50+ habits to develop (over time) that will, in his opinion, lead you to having weight loss without a strict diet.

After reading the book, I understand his philosophy (I think), but I can’t say how well it will actually work. The only true way to evaluate a diet/weight loss/nutrition book is to put it to practical use, and obviously, overnight that doesn’t happen. But I will take some of his tips and apply them, even while I continue to (hopefully better than last year) follow the Weight Watchers program. I’ll let you know later this year if it made a difference or not – I still have about 30 lbs to lose.

I also looked thru a couple of other “”into to various diets (DASH, Mediterranean), but if I’m not planning to try them, I really can’t evaluate them, and besides – these were introductions to the diets, not really sufficient detail to go on the diet without other information (that is, they were just enough to get you interested, but not necessarily enough to follow properly, or address typical hiccups).

Hopefully, this motivation try will work (it didn’t yesterday, I feel like all I did was eat), and I actually expect my weight to be up slightly tomorrow, but every day is a new day, and  all I can do is TRY.

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